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June 2011: Our Indy has found a new family Fam. Tuma in Driebergen, Nl


Clubsieger 2007
Rheinlandsieger 2008
German Club Champion
VDH Champion
Shih Tzu par excellence
Andrew    19.02.2011

Our new Shih Tzu has arrived.

His name is Lin Pearl's Whisper in the Moonlight.

Whisper was born on 27.10.2010

Whisper went back to his breeder and started his show career very succesfull.
In the mean time he already is German Youth Champion Club and VDH and Bundes Youth Champion.
We wish Linda a lot of pleasure and succes with this lovely dog. .

April 2011:

Whisper, completely relaxed

May 2011: Whisper 7 months old

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WK 2010

I am very sad that my beautiful Kai did not change teeth correctly. Because of this I was forced to seek for a pet home as Breeder/Judge. Meanwhile we found a terrific new home.

Kai !!

In 1987 we started breeding the Shih Tzu. In the beginning, we used dogs from the well known kennel 'v.h.Martinihaim' (Puck Vlieghuis)..

Ashira - 1987
Ashira v.h. Martinihaim
Zinnia - 1988
Zinnia Tsan v.h. Martinihaim

It appeared that breeding with these dogs was not that easy and we decided to buy three girls, two red, one black from Great Britain (kennel Lyndew) and two boys from Germany, kennel Lin Pearl (Linda Reinelt).Lyndew with Spice
Lyndew with Spice

But I could not get what I wanted in a Shih Tzu out of them.

A new start was made in 2004 as we bought once again from Lin Pearl a very nice bitch called Lin Pearl's Kiss and Goodbuy. She has everything I look for in a Shih Tzu. Super character: proud and eastern but sweet. Superb coat, very well build body, super teeth, nice quarters.


Unfortunately most judges nowadays think she is too small (5.2 Kg)

We mated her in 2006 to Tamaron Mr. Allure to Kareth.

She gave us : (Oh what a Night) Indy and (Third Time Lucky) Inky


more images from this litter

Indy and Inky on 7 oktober 2006 at the Jubilee Show (Pekingese and Miniature Spaniel Club)

VV2 male puppy
VV best female puppy



inky's idea
Inky has a good idea


Indy is playing 'Patience"

On July 18, 2008 Inky got her puppies. There are 2 males and 3 females. Unfortunately Inky died 10 days after giving birth bij ceasarian section. The puppies are doing fine.

More images of this litter

Andrew Prince of Amies Home
born 18.07.2008


Indy German Club Champion & VDH Champion