In 2008 we, Ruurd and myself had a very rough period in our lives with respect to our health. For that reason I decided that time has come for Ruurd to finally get a dog of his own. This had to be a french bulldog, small, compact, easy to maintain but most of all a dog with a lovely spontaneous character with lots of humour. We had no further plans with the breed, so we decided for a male, a nice sturdy dog. After some research we found a breeder who after a lot of investigation and checking planned a combination with dogs that attracted us because of their health, character and exterior.

So there he was, Ali Baba des Artistes Charmant, bred by Nele Maser, male Daulökke's Sedeux le Superbe, female Dinou du Jolie Vif. Ali Baba has with his humourous and clownish behaviour taught us how to laugh again and he succeeded: he is a fantastic dog. Our health got worse and we had to stop with the cockers and shih tzu. This made us decide to look for a companion for Ali Baba, with who we could also show, because this is still my great hobby.


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